SAdapter SAdapter Micro/Full Grey
SAdapter SAdapter Micro/Full Grey
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SAdapter SAdapter Micro/Full Grey

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Use this adapter to convert a micro SIM card into a Full SIM card
[Source : Jiby Group]
  • Purely mechanical solution, no fighting to insert the SIM and the adapter into the device
  • Very high temperature stability (250 °C) – even more than the SIM card itself
  • Used material is a non aging plastic
  • No mechanical or thermal deformation inside the mobile phone. Meaning, the adapter can be removed easily at any time
  • Can be used in almost any mobile phone, tablet, or any SIM enabled device
  • Works with micro-SIM and nano-SIM cards of all SIM vendors

SKU: 150-1183
UPC: 010315933887
Colour: Grey
Device Compatibility: 04-05 inch Phones, 05-06 inch Phones, 06-07 inch Phones