Monet Wallet Kickstand Genuine Leather Black (Bulk Packaging)
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Monet Wallet Kickstand Genuine Leather Black (Bulk Packaging)

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An extension of your hand with its easy slip on grip. An on-the-go stand. A sleek wallet for workouts in the city or while on the go in the country. A Monet is an expression of you, your phone, you're unique.
  • Monet has a slim grip that slides flat when your phone is in your pocket.
  • Using the grip is so fun, effortless, and reduces the chances you will drop your phone.
  • The grip slides open to fit multiple hand sizes when texting or taking selfies.
  • The grip also works as a kickstand so that you can watch movies easier or Facetime without holding your phone.
  • No more dropping phones, no more strain on your fingers, and no more boring cell phone cases.

SKU: 121-0111
UPC: 842700109047
Colour: Black
Device Compatibility: 04-05 inch Phones, 05-06 inch Phones, 06-07 inch Phones